Walmart DSV Inventory and Order Management

Teapplix ActionShip integrates directly with Walmart Drop Ship Vendor

Walmart has launched its DSV or Drop Ship Vendor Platform. This program is similar to the Walmart Marketplace Program but is focused on high-volume suppliers. This is a great revenue option for dropshippers looking to expand their business.

Easily Manage your products on Walmart DSV with Teapplix

ActionShip supports listing upload, letting you list your products onto Walmart DSV quickly and easily.

Order Sync and Automated Shipping Make Order Processing Simple

Teapplix ActionShip saves you time by downloading your orders and automatically acknowledging orders in regular intervals.

Walmart DSV Inventory Quantity Sync

Teapplix helps you manage your inventory and can even support multiple distribution facilities. If you have multiple distribution facilities, each one is treated as a separate Walmart DSV account. You can add additional accounts, each with a different prefix. As long as the distribution id is different, everything will work correctly.

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