Wayfair Shipping and Inventory Management Software

Streamline Shipping, Inventory Management, and Accounting by connecting Wayfair with ActionShip

Teapplix ActionShip is used by thousands of WayFair sellers all around the world to automate their shipping, manage their inventory, and grow their business. Teapplix ActionShip Integrates with WayFair to:

  • Automate shipping for Wayfair orders, bulk print shipping labels
  • Provide daily full inventory quantity updates and 15-minute incremental updates to WayFair
  • Export Wayfair orders to QuickBooks to simplify accounting

With these features, WayFair sellers can save time, and money, while avoiding costly shipping or inventory errors. Check out all the features below.

App Features

Simplify Wayfair Order Processing with ActionShip:

  • Sync orders, status, and shipment tracking with Wayfair
  • Acknowledge orders automatically
  • Automation rules:
    • assign queues & warehouses
    • set shipping method and weight
    • automatically submit orders to 3pl for drop ship
  • Merchant fulfilled vs Castle Gate orders.
  • Map Wayfair warehouse locations
  • Automatic rate shop to find the cheapest shipping options
  • Support bill 3rd-party labels
  • Support multiple packages
  • Single, batch, or scan verification-based printing workflow:
    • one at a time
    • batch label generation
    • SKU / UPC scan-based label generation
  • Customize pick lists and packing lists.
  • User-defined data and references on shipping labels.
  • Support multiple shipping profiles and addresses.

Keep inventory up to date in Wayfair with ActionShip InventoryAdvisor:

  • Download listings and product details from Wayfair
  • Unify SKU names across Wayfair and other e-commerce Channels
  • Supports individual products as well as kits.
  • Multiple warehouses and quantities under each warehouse
  • Automatically deduct quantity when you ship out orders
  • Sync quantity across Wayfair and other e-commerce Channels
  • Reports, alerts, and re-stocking calculations

Speed up Accounting with Automatic QuickBooks Sync:

  • Auto Export Wayfair Orders as Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, or Invoices
  • Flexible configuration, individual orders, or daily summaries.
  • Map items, customers, accounts, classes
  • Map sales taxes based on country and state.
  • Support individual inventory items as well as Inventory Assemblies. Automatically build Inventory Assembly when exporting orders.
  • Sync QuickBooks quantity back to Wayfair

Teapplix is highly rated by thousands of sellers.

“Great price & easy to talk to support. It does exactly what I need it to do.” 

– Scott Moore, the owner of Moore Brothers Music

“I like how easy it is to process labels through Teapplix. We sell through 3 different vendors and we can easily process all our orders through this one site.”

– Lori Browne, Information Technology Specialist for Marygrove Awnings

"5 years and counting! We have been with Teapplix for more than 5 years and they are worth a lot of respect for their services. Teapplix is not only a shipping label software, but it can also manage all of your marketplace inventory in one place with the lowest price on the market."

-Tantan Gu, eCommerce Business Owner

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