Exporting Orders

To export orders from Teapplix to QuickBooks, start your WebConnector program. With your QuickBooks company file open, click on the "Update Selected" button on WebConnector to export up to 100 orders:

QuickBooks WebConnector

If you leave your QuickBooks company file open, and leave WebConnector running, WebConnector by default performs an "Update Selected" once every day. You can also change the interval by typing a different number into the WebConnector "Every_Min" field.

Debugging Order Export

If you have orders in "Unexported orders" list that are not exporting after the above steps, follow these steps for some initial debugging steps:

  1. Review the Teapplix "Integration Setup" links and make sure your setup is complete. Make sure no entries is "Not Selected"
  2. Orders without item name, non 0 quantity and price will not export. Click on the "update" link to fix them and they will export next time.
  3. If you setup Teapplix to skip orders without matching QuickBooks inventory item, review your "no matching item" link to make sure there is no entry on that screen. You may need to create some inventory items in QuickBooks, and perform a "Update Selected" in WebConnector to populate the drop down on this screen.
  4. On Teapplix QuickBooks tab, click on View Log link and check for error messages
  5. On your WebConnector, is there any red error messages after you press "Update Selected"? If so your setup may not be complete.
  6. Is the order paid with PayPal and very recent? If so Teapplix won't export it until matching eBay info comes in. This wait could be up to a few hours. (This does not apply to Teapplix TConnect application)
  7. (No applicable to TConnect) If you have orders not even in Teapplix, you need to review your "Setup" tab to make sure you have integrated your order source to Teapplix properly. For example, Teapplix require you to setup both PayPal and eBay integration to get eBay orders.
  8. If all else fails, please contact Teapplix Support for help
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