3rd largest e-commerce site in US

Top 3 e-commerce site in US

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Macy's

Of course, the first 2 now are open to 3rd party sellers. Walmart is still by invitation only, (Teapplix customer's can ask us for an invitation). Macy's is not open to 3rd party sellers, but time will tell if that will change.

Yesterday's interview with Macy's CEO has some interesting information. Macy's has the same "high speed fulfillment warehouse infrastructure" as Amazon. They have the same 1 - 2 day delivery capability as Amazon too, so they too can in theory jump into the fray. Of course, if they will be open to 3rd party sellers is the next interesting question.

It is natural to think that the next logical extension of Walmart Marketplace is a "Fulfillment by Walmart" model. This brings an interesting question to multi-channel sellers, "How are you going to allocate inventory if these channels all push their own fulfillment warehouse, which essentially prevents fulfillment by other competing marketplaces?"

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