Clean energy and opportunities in new products

Palo Alto, where Teapplix corporate office is located, is a very progressive city on environmental concerns and clean energy. The electricity supply in the city by next year will be 50% solar, with a majority of the rest by hydro, achieving truly zero carbon emissions.

Now the remaining focus of the city in reducing carbon emissions is in two areas, gasoline used by cars and natural gas burned in homes.

We already have a good solution for cars. The Tesla revolution and the benefits it brings are clearly demonstrated in Palo Alto: every battery powered car in the city is powered by at least 50% solar, more if you installed private panels. Even the rest of the energy used to charge the batteries will be carbon neutral by next year.

What's next beyond that, is what brings us the next wave of product ideas and eCommerce opportunities. Not many people are yet aware, that">natural gas is now considered "dirty energy". That is progress, and opportunity.

The author of this article has a Weber gas grill, a full gas range, and a gas furnace. All of that are now subject to "Tesla style" disruption in the next 10 years. There could be quite a few Maker Fair type of projects out of this, even venture based startups. How about a full electric powered, exhaust air filtered replacement to the Weber genesis grill as a start?

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