Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping Program

Walmart is opening up their Free 2-Day Shipping Program to all eligible Walmart Marketplace sellers whose:
• On-time shipping and delivery performance is better than 95% (last 30 days performance report)
• Order shipping has 95% or above valid tracking rate
• Order cancellation rate is less than 1.5%
• Offers favorable return policy
• Has sold on Walmart Marketplace for at least 90 days and fulfilled at least 100 orders
If you meet these criteria, you may request access to the program by going to Seller Center  General Settings  Shipping

The Free 2-Day Shipping program allows seller fulfill or 3rd party fulfill. However, Teapplix feels the current 3rd party fulfill options are all more expensive than FBA and not as good a deal, and require you to spread your inventory now to multiple Walmart oriented warehouse in addition to your current FBA warehouses. So we strongly recommend seller self fulfill to get started:

You gain the same key benefits even with seller self fulfill:
• offer free 2-Day Shipping to buyers in specific regions or nationwide
• increase search rankings and product visibility
• get better chance to win the Buy Box and conversion

Once you are accepted in the program, you can configure your item settings for:
• some or all your Walmart SKUs
• selected regions/States or all 48-state regions

However, these settings are required for all participating items in the Free 2-Day Shipping Program:
• lag time = “0” with 2:00pm cutoff time
• default $0 shipping fee
Please refer to Walmart Seller Help article for further details - Configure Settings and Items for 2-Day Shipping

Sellers are responsible for monitoring their performance regularly to stay in the program. Walmart provides report specific for Free 2-Day Shipping program performance. Failing to keep up performance requirement will result in warning, suspension or termination of participation in the program.

Teapplix users can setup filter to automatically submit the orders to a designated Queue, and use automatic rate shop to select shipping method that meet the delivery requirement with lowest rate.

Walmart is heavily pushing the 2-Day shipping program. However, the initial customer case shows that most of the early adoption is name brands. We are very interested in hearing about how the 2-Day shipping program will affect private label sellers.

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