Label Printer Workflow Options Available in ActionShip

ActionShip by Teapplix offers multiple label printer options for your business needs. These options are designed with convenience in mind. 

All of the printer options can be accessed by clicking on the “Settings” button which is located on the lefthand menu bar. In settings, select "Printers and Scales".

ActionShip supports:

  • One PDF Per Batch
  • One PDF Per Order Zipped 
  • Print to Cloud Printer Directly
  • Scan and Print

One PDF Per Batch

This option will bulk-generate multiple orders merged into a single PDF file. After this file is generated, you are returned to your browser. You can then print this PDF or forward the document to your shipping person. 

One PDF Per Order Zipped

This label will generate a zip file containing individual PDFs, one per order. Typically, a customer using this option will use a local machine to process the zip file. Each label has the filename: txnid.pdf.

Print to Cloud Printer Directly

ActionShip integrates with PrintNode to offer easy, remote printing. Teapplix also offers a free PrintNode account if you don’t have one. This option will not return the file to your browser, instead, the networked printer will print out each label directly. 

Scan and Print

This option is designed for high-value items or items that are often packed incorrectly. With this option, when you select the Ship button, the labels are generated but nothing comes out. You must scan the SKU or UPC barcode (or Amazon FSKU barcode) and then the label that corresponds to that item will come out. For multiple item orders, Teapplix will prompt you to scan all items and then after that, you must scan the barcode on the packing list to print the label.

You can set up different label printing options for each profile giving you even more control over how to print under different locations, workers, or order queues.

Log into ActionShip to use any of these printer options for your next shipment or sign up for a 30 day free trial!

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