Amazon Refunds Exported to QuickBooks

Teapplix is now beta testing exporting Amazon refunds into QuickBooks as credit memos.

Teapplix will download your Amazon refund information. This typically comes 1-2 days after refund is issued on Amazon. If you setup your QuickBooks integration properly, Teapplix will export these refunds as Credit Memos. Lines on the credit memos could include:

  • Item -- item is assumed to be returned and credited back to inventory
  • Fee adjustments -- Amazon commission is returned to seller, while a refund commission is charged to the seller
  • Adjustment to shipping, promotions, etc

Tax Considerations
Teapplix assumes that only the item is taxable, and will mark the customer as taxable if refund included sales tax adjustments.

If you would like to try out exporting Amazon refunds to QuickBooks, please contact Teapplix Support.

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