Upcoming Changes to Remember Weight and Inventory Tables

We are planning on releasing a change to Teapplix remember weight system, in preparation for release of our new inventory management solution.

Currently, the key used for remember weight lookup is the item name on the order line item. For some people, item name is not the SKU of the item. The real SKU is actually assigned to something else in Teapplix, using the remember weight screen, or by populating the product_xref table.

Our planned enhancement will make the "SKU" the key for remember weight lookup. This way, if you have multiple titles mapping to the same SKU, you only need to enter the weight information for the SKU, you don't have to enter weight information once per title.

Our user interface will change accordingly:

  • remember weight screen - this screen will change. The SKU field will auto look up for inventory item already defined, if you select one, the weight information will automatically populate.
  • remember weight screen - if you leave SKU field blank, it is assumed that item name is the same as SKU. Any weight information will be saved under the item name as SKU.
  • Setup => Weight Table screen will be replaced by the "Inventory" tab.
  • Instead of 2 tables: item name to weight, item name to sku, there will now be 3 tables: products table, weight table, and item name mapping table.
  • You can import / export data into all 3 tables under the "Inventory" tab.
  • We have added "customs description" and "customs value" fields on products. These will be used to populate your customs forms. If these values are blank, we will use item description and price sold instead.
  • Item name mapping table only has 2 fields now: name and mapped SKU. All the other fields are moved to the product table.
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