Companion Ads

Teapplix is beta testing a pay per ship advertising service in connection with our partners.

The service works this way:

1) Teapplix customer enables the service, which will cause Teapplix to insert an ad image in the ship notification email that is sent out.

2) The tracking page on Teapplix will also contain a graphical banner.

3) At the end of the month, Teapplix will credit your account with revenue from the ad, based on a fixed fee per package shipped. Our revenue model is fixed $ per shipment, regardless of the click back rate of the ad.

Initial Campaign
Our initial advertiser is We are looking for shippers that has a large number of daily US shipments through Teapplix. The following orders will qualify: (orders that does not qualify will not be affected and will continue to use existing logic:

  • Orders with a direct email address
  • Order must be shipped with tracking number
  • Order is shipped to a US customer

The graphical ad that will be inserted into your ship notification email is here.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us. there will be no change to any behavior in your account, other than that qualifying orders will have a slightly different ship notification email.

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