Endicia DaZzle crash on APO DPO FPO addresses

We are hearing reports from multiple customers about DaZzle crashing when printing an APO address.

This issue is being worked on by Endicia:

The issue should only affect printing postage label and Customs form separately for APO/FPO addresses. If the customer uses the APO/FPO integrated form layout (layout name: APO FPO Priority Mail Shipping Label.lyt), the label should printed out without issue.

When printing APO Labels if you are not using the integrated APO FPO Mail Shipping Label.lyt, DAZzle retrieves the customs forms from the USPS. Unfortunately the USPS made some changes to the customs forms server which results in DAZzle crashing.

We are working on a new release of DAZzle which corrects the problem however the fastest solution is to use the integrated APO FPO Mail Shipping Label.lyt.

In the mean time, please print APO FPO DPO in separate batches using the layout above. In Teapplix, you can use the "APO" link under open orders to pick out APO address only.

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