Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Amazon Sellers

International Amazon Sellers need to meet Extended Producer Responsibility requirements by January 1, 2023.

Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is an environmental policy that sellers in France and Germany must comply with. Under this policy, sellers are responsible for the entire lifecycle of a product and need to meet specific packaging and waste management requirements.

Products Under the EPR Regulations in Germany:

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)
  • Batteries and Accumulators
  • Packaging


If you are an Amazon seller and sell to Germany or import products from Germany, you must be compliant by January 1, 2023. If you are not compliant by January 1, 2023, Amazon will be legally obligated to terminate your seller account.


You must provide your registration number(s) to Amazon or any marketplace you sell on.

If you are a producer, you must work with a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to receive your EPR Registration Number(s). You can visit WEEEFull Service (Which stands for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) to find Producer Responsibility Organisations. Visit them here! Registration is a one-time process and you will receive one or more registration numbers per product category. 

If you are not a producer but you sell products that are subject to EPR requirements, you must still provide Amazon or any marketplace you sell on with EPR Registration Numbers. You need to obtain the registration number(s) from your supplier. If you cannot obtain the registration number(s) from your supplier, you will have to register and provide Amazon with your own EPR registration numbers.

EPR Info has more information and answers to frequently asked questions about EPR compliance. You can visit EPR Info to find more information about EPR Requirements here.

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