Import QB Orders

We have released some major enhancement to our QuickBooks integration solution.

Now you can import orders from QuickBooks to print shipping labels in Teapplix.
You have the choice of import invoices (paid or not), sales receipts and sales orders. Teapplix is smart enough to not re-import orders that is originally from Teapplix back into Teapplix. It will also not export any orders that is originally from QuickBooks back into QuickBooks.

We have also released some other enhancements in QuickBooks integration:

  1. orders from other marketplaces like, Sears, NewEgg etc can now be mapped to their own customers and accounts.
  2. you can now have your sales receipt deposit to "Undeposited Funds" in addition to regular bank accounts
  3. For domestic orders, Teapplix will no longer export the "country" line into QuickBooks. This solves a QuickBooks bug where it can't print addresses with "United States" as country.
  4. For eBay orders, Teapplix will append the item number into the item description field.
  5. You can now customize the way Teapplix name created customers. You can use normal name, company name, name + email / phone number, etc.
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