Important upcoming change to Teapplix remember weigth system

We are planning a major enhancement to Teapplix remember weight system. This change is targeted to be released on January 25th after business hours. The change will affect how you save shipping methods.

Currently, for each item name, you can remember one domestic shipping method and one international shipping method:
Old Remember Weight

This old design do not handle the case for shopping carts where the customer can select different shipping methods. When the customer select a faster shipping method, often at an extra cost, this design do not take it into consideration.

To get around the case, Teapplix has some work-around in our current design. For example, Amazon orders has "-Standard", "-Expedited" appended to item names such that you can use a different remember weight entry for these.

However, as eBay now is moving to the same "shipping class" concept, and as Teapplix supports more shopping carts and marketplaces, appending shipping methods to item names no longer scale.

In our new design, we will allow 5 different shipping classes:

  1. Standard
  2. Expedited
  3. Second-day (domestic only)
  4. One-day (domestic only)
  5. Economy

Orders from eBay / Amazon and other shopping carts will be mapped to one of these shipping classes. We will gradually modify our shopping cart support to map to these shipping classes.

The remember weight screen will be modified to have multiple entries, one per shipping class:
New Remember Weight Screen

After this change, shipping methods will no longer be appended to item names.

If you use spread sheet to maintain your weight table, please note that the number of columns for the weight table has changed to add new methods for the additional shipping class. The current entries will be moved to the "Standard" class, which is default. The other classes will have no preset value and you would have to fill them in if you utilize these classes.

Shipping Class Assignment

The mapping of individual shipping method in your listing to shipping class is similar to how eBay classify them. In general, first class will be mapped to Standard, Priority to Expedited, and Express to One-day. "Economy" is used for a few rare cases or when you specifically use the "Economy" class in eBay.

Item Name to Weight Table

Your current remembered weight entries will be kept. Your current remembered shipping method will be assigned to the "Standard' and "Economy" class.

Starting late Jan 25th, Amazon imports will no longer append -Standard -Expedited etc to the item title. Teapplix will convert your existing "remember weight" entries that has -Standard, and add a second entry that has the -Standard removed.

If you have questions and comments on this upcoming change, please feel free to contact us.

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