MultiChannel Inventory

We have now had several customers live on multi-channel inventory, where Teapplix is updating their eBay and Amazon listings every 15 minutes, based on either "Teaplix as Inventory Master" or "QuickBooks as Inventory Master".

Initial results has been good.

We will periodically post updates in this area and planned enhancements. Please monitor this area for new announcements, and try out our new features.

(Note that MultiChannel Inventory is a Teapplix subscription option currently in beta. We are not charging for this feature while under beta, but expect to once we come out of beta. You can try this out by changing your subscription options under My Account).

Sales Reports

We have added a new report under the "Inventory" section. This report shows your active products, their sales by week, your profit & loss, and possibly commission owed if you group your items by sales reps. You can view the report on Teapplix or download to CSV. Note that actual content and math in the report is still considered beta and you should not reply on it fully for financial payments yet.

Cleanup Product List

Many of our customers, especially those that has been using Teapplix for a while, has accumulated many "Products" in Teapplix database. Many of those products are no longer active or sold. We now offer an automatic link that make products not on eBay / Amazon listings and not sold in last x number of days "inactive". This helps you manage your current products better and monitor their performance.

To use this feature, click on "Cleanup Product List" link on the Inventory => Products page.

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