QuickBooks order export for payments without item

Teapplix has changed export behavior for "Paypal payments without line items". These are payments you get in Paypal where either the item name is blank, or quantity is 0. This will happen when somebody sends you money via Paypal, or you have a shopping cart incorrectly integrated with Paypal.

Teapplix use to require you update the order in Teapplix, to fill in item name / quantity and price before this order can export to QuickBooks. This behavior is now changed if your export option uses a "Default" item. When you have a default item, Teapplix will map to this default item, and automatically change the quantity to 1 if missing. Thus such orders can be exported without user intervention.

You can, of course, edit the order in QuickBooks after export to make adjustments.

This change does not affect you if your export option requires a matching inventory.

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