Recent Enhancements to Teapplix Inventory Management

We made many enhancements to our Multi-Channel Inventory Advisor, "Teapplix InventoryAdvisor®" with more coming.

Teapplix Inventory Advisor® helps you monitor and improve your selling performance on a SKU-by-SKU basis.
Our software allows you to:

  • track profit and loss by SKU, generate various sales reports
  • track quantity available per SKU
  • sync quantity to marketplaces
  • generate PO based on sales volume and quantity on hand

Some of our recent changes and enhancements are:

  • Combo Items
    • You can now define combo items in Teapplix. Teapplix will track quantity at the children level, and automatically compute quantity available for combo products.
    • You can either add / edit combo products one at a time, or bulk upload combo definition to Teapplix using csv import.
    • Our integration with QuickBooks will turn Inventory Assemblies into Combo items automatically and compute the available quantity properly.
  • Listing Price Update
    • You can now upload a “listing price update” csv to Teapplix, and Teapplix will update the price on all managed listings.
  • PO Suggestion
    • On the "Sales" page under Inventory tab, there is now a "PO based on Sales" report link. It generates a suggested purchase order based on your sales quantity in the past x number of days as well as your current inventory levels.
  • Inventory Sync for Sears, Magento and 3dCart
    • Inventory Quantity sync with Sears, Magento and 3dCart is available in beta.
  • Support for Multiple Warehouses
    • Multiple warehouse support is available in beta.
    • If you turn on multiple warehouse, you can manage separate quantities per warehouse for the same SKU:
      • Orders can be assigned to specific warehouses, and deduct from quantity for that warehouse
      • Listings can be tied to a specific warehouse, and the quantity on the listing will sync to quantity available for that warehouse
      • Quantity adjustments, purchase orders, can be made warehouse specific
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