Changes to our standard dropship template

We have released changes to our generic CSV dropship template to make it more flexible

If you have a customized template, this change will not affect you and your template will continue to work as it currently does.

In the old template, we have 2 fields: "ItemName" and "Sku",

In the new template, this will expand to 4 fileds: "ItemName", "ItemDescription", "TeapplixSKU", "SupplierSKU".

  • ItemName - value from order line item
  • ItemDescription - value from order line item
  • TeapplixSKU - the SKU you assign in Teapplix, from the "remember weight" screen.
  • SupplierSKU - there is a Supplier SKU field that you can optionally assign from the "Inventory" tab

If you do not want any of these changes, Teapplix can install your old template free of charge to your account. Please contact support to do so.

But we think the new template adds future flexibility and encourage you to work with your dropshipper to handle these fields.

Note that the new dropship template will import into Teapplix correctly with "ItemName" and "ItemDescription" populating the corresponding fields in Teapplix. However, "TeapplixSKU" and "SupplierSKU" will be ignored during generic order import.

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