TikTok Shop

If you have a TikTok Shop seller account, you can connect it with Teapplix ActionShip. Teapplix will automatically download the orders that are Fulfilled by Seller. After you fulfill the orders on Teapplix, we will automatically update the shipping info including tracking number back to TikTok.

You can setup the integration in one of 2 ways:

1) In ActionShip

  1. Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts
  2. Click +Add Marketplaces and select TikTok Shop
  3. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page
  4. Click +Add TikTok Shop Account, then click Link TikTok Shop Account.
  5. Follow the steps to sign in to your TikTok Shop account

2) Alternatively, you can go to TikTok App Store, find the Teapplix App, and install it there, it will ask you for a Teapplix Account Name, and then follow the on screen instructions.