Amazon Sales Tax Accounting

Amazon has now started collecting sales tax for multiple States. Depending on the State, Amazon policy can be different, and third-party sellers must now file sales tax in many States in addition to his or her home State.

This can be expensive and time consuming. Teapplix offers sellers a simple solution. In combination with QuickBooks, Teapplix will automatically enter data into QuickBooks so that for each State that seller must file taxes, you can generate a sales tax liability report out of QuickBooks with a single button click.

Because data entry is done by Teapplix into your QuickBooks automatically, you save lots of time each day tracking how much sales tax you owe and to which agency you owe them.

Other competing solutions cost lots more money. Teapplix solution can solve this problem completely starting for $15 per month.

Click on free trial on our site to start a 30 day, no obligation trial.

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