Security of your Seller Accounts

E-Commerce sellers should guard their seller accounts against hacking. Someone gaining access to your PayPal can take all your money away. If your Amazon Seller Account is hacked, one can change the bank account and redirect Amazon's seller payment to somewhere else.

A recent demonstrated way to hack your accounts is by using voicemail. Most people have very insecure voicemail passwords. This become a weak link in the security chain. Here is a PayPal password reset:

Now, if someone have access to your voice mail, they can change your voice greetings to the required 4 digit code key press sound after a long delay, thus gaining access to your PayPal.

Worse, many other account verification systems will simply leave the security code as voicemail.

Now, is your voicemail password 1234? or other 4 digit number?

We recommend at least a 10 digit password, or disable your voice mail remove login all together.

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