The Incredibly Simple Tesla Model 3 Reservation Page

If you are an e-commerce seller, you should take a look at the Tesla Model 3 reservation page and benchmark it against your own site checkout page.

We have captured a screen shot below:


It literally has no delay when you enter your credit card and push the reserve button. In addition, it seems that they have really worked to simplify what they ask you to complete process:

  • You don't have to check a check box to "I agree to terms", it is simply a line above the "Reserve" button
  • There is no page to display "cart details", simply, the original button to enter the page shows "Reserve for 1000", and here on the page you can change quantity from 1 to 2 and the price changes next to the quantity.
  • Country and State is auto detected
  • Only the expiration date shows an inline format prompt. You just enter the date based on the format, on many devices it seems to be easier to do than drop down selections or worse, calendar widgets.
  • It seems to adopt "label line above entry box" design

I am sure everybody in ecommerce can check the design and maybe learn a thing or two from it. We certainly did.

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