Support for multiple USPS providers: Endicia, Stamps

We have made a change such that a single Teapplix account can support multiple Endicia and account at the same time.

Such accounts are tied to shipping profiles. You can have one shipping profile using Endicia account 1, second using Endicia account 2, and the 3rd one using Teapplix support any such combinations.

By default, your current USPS Provider settings are used for all your profiles. However, you can customize a profile to use another USPS provider. You can do that in Setup => USPS page.

Setup => USPS
This page replaces the previous Setup => Endicia and Setup => Stamps. If you have shipping profile, you will notice each shipping profile can either use the global setting, or can have a separate setting.

If you use Express1 discount postage, this is a global account that will be used for all shipping profiles.

Scan Forms
Currently scan forms for all shipping profiles are generated at the same time into a single PDF document.

Migration From DaZzle to PDF
As you know Teapplix is planning to phase out support for Endicia DaZzle, and move everybody to using Endicia Label Server where labels are generated natively in Teapplix. The above multiple USPS account feature allows our customers using DaZzle integration to have a migration path to print some orders using Endicia label server without completely stop using DaZzle. To achieve this:

  1. turn on multiple shipping profile "Setup => Shipping Profile". create a second shipping profile
  2. Go to Setup => USPS, on second shipping profile, choose to enter another Endicia account. Enter your Endicia account number and passphrase
  3. Go to Setup => Shipping, turn "Express1" as your Discount USPS provider if you don't have one, then go to Setup => Express1 and create an Express1 account. This will give you discounted USPS priority mail shipping rates
  4. Now anytime you print using the second shipping profile, it will use Endicia PDF rather than use DaZzle
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