Temu Integration

Teapplix has released integration for Temu that supports Fulfillment by Seller, or what Temu generally refers to as 'Semi-managed' model.

Our current integration support both US based as well as Cross-Border seller account types. Order sync order download and upload tracking # works for both types.

  • Cross Border Seller: Inventory Sync works (download listings, upload quantity)
  • US Seller: currently inventory sync do not work due to lack of API on Temu side

In addition, we are beta testing buy shipping label from Temu (FedEx and UPS). Please contact us if you need to test out this feature. For other carriers you will use carrier accounts integrated in your Teapplix account to print shipping labels.

Temu is an incredibly dynamic marketplace and early seller feedback has been very positive. We wish you success in selling on such marketplaces. Teapplix is working on enhancing our TikTok integration to add Buy Shipping from Tiktok, and we hope to bring you Shein Integration soon.

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