Auto Split Order or Add Packages

We are making gradual enhancements to our remember weight and packing plan rules, to automatically split order or add extra packages during order download.

Marketplace typically has rules to allow multiple packages or split orders, or both. But the rules are different. Teapplix allows you to specify the rule but will adapt it based on specific marketplace requirements.

For example, Aamzon Vendor forces most sellers to purchase shipping label from Amazon. As a result all labels must be purchased at the same time and it is not possible to split an order for separate fulfillment.

Other marketplace like Home Depot will allow you to both split order or make extra packages.

In Teapplix design, there are 2 type of rules that can automate the process of adding split orders or extra packages:

  • remember weight rule - this focus on what happens to an SKU, when it shows up in an order as multiple quantity or with other items. Here, you can specify that this SKU ships in its own package, or in its own list of packages, and not combined with others. You can specify this on the Inventory -> Weight table screen, and specify if you use extra package or split order to implement this. If an order has more than one such SKU, or have such SKU mixed with other items, each copy of this SKU will be separated into own packages or child orders. Teapplix has just released enhancements that this type of rule can be specified via our UI, and will be executed on marketplaces that support them (we will be adding more so please check with support)
    • all EDI marketplaces like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc etc
    • Walmart DSV
    • Amazon Vendor
    • Amazon Seller
    • Wayfair
    • TikTok
    • Michaels
    • ChannelAdvisor
  • packing plan rule - this focus on a combination of several SKUs at different quantities. When the order matches the combination exactly, then the rule will specify how the order will be split into child orders or extra packages. Currently, Teapplix has released the user interface allowing you to specify such rules, but their execution will be released later after internal testing.

Uploading Tracking

If you split an order, or create extra packages, ActionShip may upload the first / main tracking number, or all tracking numbers, based on the marketplace specifics. We will be updating our help page on individual marketplaces with this info.

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