Sears / order import changes

We will revise our and Sears Marketplace import tonight, 9/20 around 9pm PDT.

Previously, we assign the item title => Teapplix item name.

After the change, we will assign the SKU => Teapplix item name. The Sears/ item title will become Teapplix item description.

The main impact is that your remember weight entries may need to be revised for these orders.

Teapplix is gradually revising other marketplace imports such that Teapplix item name will always correspond to the SKU on those marketplaces. Here's what will eventually happen to other marketplaces

  • Amazon - currently a user option, in future this will be hardwired to import SKU to item name
  • eBay - currently a Teapplix set via email requests (SKU in custom label field)
  • NewEgg - hardwired to import SKU as item name
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