New lower insurance rates for USPS international

The discount package insurance you purchase through Teapplix will be cheaper starting October 1st, 2011. For international USPS shipments, rates for insurance will be $0.89 per $100, no matter what mail class.

The limit is $5000 for Priority Mail / Express Mail International and $1000 for First Class International.

Domestic rates for USPS will remain $0.69 per $100 whether you have delivery confirmation or not.

The limit is $5000 if you have tracking, $1000 if you don't.

Rates for UPS / FedEx shipments will remain at $0.40 per 100 for domestic and $0.50 per $100 for international.

Remember you can put in automatic rules to add insurance, with separate rules for domestic vs international, under "Setup" => "Insurance". Often times, rates are cheaper than adding signature requirements, while still have your package protected for loss or damage.

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