InventoryAdvisor® PickList Enhancements

If you turned on our InventoryAdvisor® product, you will notice some recent enhancements in our "PickLists". We have added 2 columns: "Quantity Available" and "Quantity Short".

Quantity Available is what you have on hand, not shipped out. This number will display if you entered your inventory quantity from our "Quantities" page.

Quantity Short will be displayed if your Quantity Available isn't enough to cover the orders in the batch.

These 2 columns give you an immediate view of what your stock level is in relation to your order. You can spot potential issues with fulfillment before generating shipping labels.

InventoryAdvisor® is a Teapplix optional subscription component that helps you track & manage inventory levels across multiple marketplaces. More information can be found in Advanced InventoryAdvisor® Help.

The PickList changes will only be visible if you turned on InventoryAdvisor®. If you have customized your PickList previously, you must "revert back to factory default" on the PickList.cs template under Setup => Packing Lists => Advanced.

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