Support for Amazon Europe and Amazon Canada

We have released support for Amazon Europe (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES) as well as Amazon Canada.

Teapplix will automatically import orders from those Amazon accounts, and confirm orders as shipped once shipped in Teapplix.

Seller SKU as Item Name

As part of this change, we have now hard-wired to the option to use "Seller SKU" as item name. Existing customers will be able to continue with their current option, however, newer accounts will always import Seller SKU as item name. This option is better for inventory management.

Also, for each Teapplix account, you can link one amazon account per country, but not more.

QuickBooks Integration

International Amazon orders will export to your QuickBooks in the currency linked to by the Account and "Customer" record associated with the Amazon International Marketplace. The currency for these two must match:

  • If you let Teapplix create one customer per order, the customer for the international Amazon order will be created under local currency (GBP, Canadian Dollar, or Euro). The account these orders deposit to must also be in local currency. For this option to work, you must turn on multi-currency in your QuickBooks.
  • If you choose "one customer per marketplace", the "customer" and "account" associated with the Amazon international marketplace must match

Note that there is a current issue with QuickBooks that prevents automatic order export with 3 different currencies. We are still working with Intuit to resolve that. If you need to make that work, you must select the second option above, and export the third Amazon country into US currency.

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