Marking Orders as Un-Shipped, Re-Exporting Orders to QuickBooks

Normally, if you have an order shipped in Teapplix using our PDF based shipping methods, you can "cancel label" on this order in Order History, and the order will go back to open orders.

If you have an order that is printed via our DaZzle or UPSWorldShip integration, there is no "cancel label" link, because you have to cancel the shipment in DaZzle or UPSWorldShip.

However, there was not a way to mark the corresponding Teapplix order as open once you cancel the label. We just now introduced a link "unmark as shipped", on Order History screen, that will clear the shipped status of the order and any related tracking info, and move the order back to Open Orders list. (Teapplix can not "unmark the order shipped on eBay or Amazon or other marketplaces, there are no such operations supported there).

Once in Open Orders, if you ship the order again. It will upload the new tracking number back onto the marketplace.

In addition, if you use our QuickBooks integration, any orders exported to QuickBooks, in Teapplix there will be a "re-export" link that will clear the exported bit in Teapplix, and cause the order to be re-exported to QuickBooks again.

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