New QuickBooks “Daily Summary” Export

For some of our larger sellers, exporting each individual orders to quickbooks may pose a serious volume problem. If you have more than a couple of hundred orders per day, you may find that QuickBooks can not scale if you export each sale as an individual sales receipt record.

Yet it is still important to export the orders to QuickBooks for accounting and inventory tracking purposes. To achieve this and solve the scaling problem, Teapplix just introduced a "daily summary" export option.

When you select such option, Teapplix will export a single "summary" order record, per marketplace per tax status.

For example, if you have Amazon, eBay and your website, every day there will be 6 orders exported to QuickBooks:

1) Amazon "taxable" orders are added together and form a single export

2) Amazon "non-taxable" orders are added together and form a single export

3) eBay "taxable"

4) eBay "non-taxable"

5) Website "taxable"

6) Website "non-taxable"

When Teapplix build a summary order, order lines for the same QuickBooks item are merged together. Order lines matching different QuickBooks items remain separate lines. For example, you may end up with a order like this:

Order X

line 1 item x1 quantity 250 subtotal $1295.30

line 2 item x2 quantity 123 subtotal $985.12



line 94 item x94 quanity 55 subtotal 3280.14

When you select Daily Summary export option, there are some further restrictions:

1) you must choose "one customer per marketplace" option. The summary order will match a single customer representing the marketplace

2) orders that have today's date (PST or PDT) will not export. They will wait till tomorrow.

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