Performance optimization in our Inventory UI

To handle large number of product and listing displays, we have optimized our "Product" and "Listing" page under our "Inventory" tab.

1. Quantity information is now split out from the product page. Now product page is purely designed for editing products

2. "Build Quantity" page is renamed to "Enter Quantity" to better reflect what it means

3. There is a separate "Current Quantity" page. This page displays the currently calculated available quantity for your products.

4. "Listings" page will by default only display a search page for listings, rather than display all listings. To display all listings, click "Display All". Note that because Teapplix will have to search your recent sales history to put "quantity sold" on each listing, this may take some time. If you do not need such data, you can use "display settings" to hide the "recent sales" columns.

You can further optimize your operational speed by only searching for specific listings that you are interested in reviewing or syncing.

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