Teapplix Supports Submitting Orders to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

You can use Fulfillment by Amazon accounts to fulfill your orders from other sources. This is called “Multi-Channel Fulfillment” on Amazon.

Teapplix now allows you to "Drop Ship" your orders downloaded from any channels and submit them to Amazon FBA.

The product enhancement will enable our customers to:
- Selecting the proper Amazon FBA shipping levels
- Send bulk orders to Amazon FBA with a single button click.
- Automatically fetch Amazon FBA tracking number and upload it to the source channel
- Have the flexibility to use different item names for different channels. Teapplix can find the right one for Amazon FBA via SKU mapping

Amazon FBA submit is supported for any country that Teapplix supports Amazon MWS integration. Currently we support US, Canada and all European countries including UK.

For operation details, please see our User's Guide link:
Drop Ship to Amazon FBA

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