Shipping Hazardous Materials With USPS 

Shipping hazardous materials through USPS requires that they are properly packaged and declared. Hazardous materials must be labeled and packaged separately from all other items. The USPS offers this tutorial on domestic HAZMAT shipping

All packages containing hazardous materials need to include Limited Quantity Marks. To find out if your package qualifies at Limited Quantity Ground or Limited Quantity Air, check this link. 

When shipping hazardous materials, you must package and ship the material following these regulations.

Hazardous materials include:

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Fragrances and Perfumes
  • Dry Ice
  • Paint, Paint Thinners, and Paint Removers
  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover
  • Items Containing Liquid Mercury
  • And More!

As the shipper, it is your responsibility to make sure that all hazardous materials are packaged, labeled, and shipped properly. Failing to properly package, label and ship hazardous materials can result in serious civil and/or criminal liability. 

Any questions or comments contact your local Homeland Security Coordinator or send an email to

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