Teapplix 2.4.12

Teapplix 2.4.12

  2. We now officially support multiple Paypal accounts in a single Teapplix account, subject to license terms. As part of the requirement, you must accurately list your Paypal account's primary email address under your OrderAdmin->PayPal page. Teapplix will only interface to those Paypal accounts listed under that page. So please review it on Friday, march 21st.

  3. eBay Calculated Shipping - Weights and Dimensions
  4. If you use calculated shipping for items on eBay, Teapplix will pull the weight information from eBay. In addition, under limited circumstances, (for UPS air), Teapplix will also pull dimension info from the item.

    The weight & dimension info will be used when printing labels.

  5. Enhanced Interface to Ebay
  6. we now have more accurate tracking of customer selected shipping methods and insurance requirements.

  7. Phone numbers
  8. Phone numbers will be passed to UPS and Fedex for international shipments. If Phone number is not available, we put in 9999999999

  9. UI Enhancements
  10. We made some minor changes on the interface. "update weight" has been renamed to "remember weight", also, the txn_id of orders will link to your Paypal payment detail page. and eBay items will link to the eBay item page.

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