Teapplix 2.5

New Features

  1. Teapplix Package Insurance
    You will be able to buy package insurance for all your packages, subject to limitations. You can make this choice in 3 ways.

    First you can select to add insurance to all packages over a certain price limit. This is based on the gross value of the order. You turn on this feature under "My Account" tab.

    Second you can select to add insurance for your eBay items if it has mandatory insurance, or it has optional insurance that your customer has opted in. This is again turned on in "My Account" tab.

    Third you can manually add insurance to a package by clicking on the "options" link for the package, and select "insurance".

  2. Signature Requirement
    You can make a package signature required, in a similar way to insurance. This can be automatic base on a value, or manually selected by clicking on the options link.
  3. Manually Marking an Order as Shipped
    You can add a tracking number when you manually mark an order as shipped.
  4. Bulk Delete Old Orders
    During your trial period, you can manually delete all old orders at a certain cutoff date.
  5. UPS Return Shipping Labels
    You can now generate UPS return shipping labels. This is for merchants that will pay return shipping to their customers that need to return / exchange their product.
  6. Number of Order Items
    Number of order line items is no longer fixed at eight. You can add more lines.
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