Teapplix Announces Infopia Integration

Teapplix Announces Infopia Integration

Teapplix announced today the general availability of full integration with Infopia. Teapplix now has bi-directional integration with Infopia. Orders will be downloaded into Teapplix automatically via web services api, and tracking numbers posted back to Infopia.

In production already at several Infopia customers, Teapplix Shipping Automation saves time and money for Infopia customers in their shipping operations.

The full SaaS delivery model means no need to worry about database backup and networking setups. Teapplix frees Infopia customers from doing constant client software patches, and allows them to access their order management system from anywhere with a browser.

In addition, Teapplix's advanced weight modeling capability means that most orders come in ready to ship, without the customer having to enter weight / shipping methods.

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