Teapplix Announces Release of QuickBooks Integration

Teapplix Announces Release of QuickBooks Integration

Teapplix today announced the general availability of QuickBooks Integration feature. After extensive user trials, our QuickBooks Integration is ready for production use.

Teapplix can now export your shipped orders as SalesReceipts into QuickBooks automatically. Our SalesReceipt export has the following features:

  • each item is mapped to the correct Quickbooks Inventory Item or Item Assembly, regardless of what channel the order come from and what title / sku it is called
  • SalesReceipts has line item price, shipping charge, insurance charge, PayPal fees and Amazon fees properly represented
  • SalesReceipt has customer name, address, email and shipping info.
  • You can control the accounts that sales proceeds, shipping & insurance fees goes to

In addition, Teapplix can optionally automatically create QuickBooks Inventory Items for you.

Teapplix QuickBooks integration is an optional feature that is priced based on your monthly package volume. QucikBooks Integration is free for smaller volume sellers and $9.99 to $24.99 a month for larger volume sellers. Please click here for pricing details.

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