Yahoo to Microsoft AdCenter Conversion

Got multiple calls to convert our Yahoo search account to Microsoft AdCenter. After 4 phone calls from several people I finally managed to convert our yahoo ads (well, most of them) into Microsoft.

I have to say the process isn't very smooth. Part of the planning you have to do is to make sure Microsoft length restrictions don't block your ads / titles. Seems like Microsoft allows shorter text.

Also, AdCenter isn't fast by any means. The rep recommended that I download and install the "Microsoft AdCenter Desktop" software.

Boy installing this software is quite an experience. 20 minutes and one reboot later, I am still just installing the "SQL Server 2008 Express Engine". That isn't even the app, just a component! At least Microsoft is very honest, their screen says "This installation is taking much longer than expected". Here's the screen shot for proof:

Microsoft AdCenter Desktop Installation

This experience is further proof of the superior nature of SaaS software like Teapplix. As you know most of our competitors are still desktop software. We were constantly reminded by customers that switched over of the crashes and installation headaches they ran into.

Well now the progress meeter just wrapped around and went back to zero, no I get to deal with that. Later...

Update, the install eventually failed. Desktop software 1, Teapplix 0:

AdCenter Install Error Code

AdCenter Desktop Install Failure

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