eBay Integration

Teapplix can import orders from eBay and confirm them shipped with tracking numbers. There are 2 modes to integrate with eBay:

  1. eBay Only Mode: This is the simplest and the default mode. Choose this mode if you do not need to import non eBay orders from PayPal. You must choose this mode if you take non PayPal payments on eBay. If you choose this mode, you should not setup PayPal integration. Other wise you will get duplicate orders.
  2. eBay + PayPal Mode: this mode requires you to setup both eBay and PayPal integration to Teapplix. Under this mode, Teapplix uses the PayPal address rather than the eBay address. You will not be able to import eBay orders that are not paid with PayPal under this Mode.

Note that once you choose a mode, you can not easily switch to the other mode. You need to contact Teapplix support if you want to change modes.  Below are some of the issues you may experience if you switch the mode:

1)  Switch from eBay Only Mode -> eBay + PayPal Mode

You may experience missing orders in Teapplix system because we will only retrieve orders from PayPal starting from the time of your switch.

2) switch from eBay+PayPal Mode -> eBay Only Mode

You may experince duplicated orders in Teapplix system for the date of your switch.  So you need to be careful to not ship the same order twice, and change the status of the duplicated orders from PayPal to "Cancelled".