3rd-Party & Ship to Store Shipping

Many eCommerce Channels, like and Walmart DSV, many channels managed via Commerce Hub (Home Depot, Home Depot Special Order, etc), have special shipping requirements for their label:

  1. You may be required to use special "3rd party UPS or FedEx account" to generate your label
  2. You may be required to put specific information in Reference1 and Reference2 fields on the UPS and FedEx label

Teapplix shipping software can be configured to meet these requirements. To setup, you need at least 2 shipping profiles:

  • On Master Default shipping profile, link your own FedEx and UPS account. This is required if you are asked to use bill 3rd-party FedEx and UPS account for your shipping.
  • Create one extra shipping profile per channel account (like Walmart DSV account) that want you to ship using their own FedEx UPS accounts. This profile will be set to special shipping from address and link your 3rd-party FedEx UPS account.
  • Once the above 2 shipping profile is setup and linked, contact Teapplix Support to setup your shipping profile with special requirements. You may be asked by your channel to put specific information in Reference1 and Refenerce2 fields on your shipping label.

Walmart DSV Ship To Store Orders

Walmart DSV orders maybe "Ship To Store". Such orders are marked in Teapplix as having a "Shipping Class" of "S2S-xxx", where XXX is Standard, Expedited, Next Day, etc.

In addition to Walmart specified requirements on shipping carrier, account to use for such orders. Each S2S order must have an "ASN" label with special barcode affixed to outside of the box, in addition to the normal shipping label. This barcode is used by Walmart clerk to properly receive such an order.

Teapplix will print this ASN label automatically when you print shipping label for such orders. This ASN label is generated as "Customs Form". When you print or reprint, you will find button or link to prompt you to "print customs form". Print it and affix it to outside of box as indicated by Walmart.