Yahoo Store

    1. Currently yahoo store to Teapplix is via import only. Please see under "Open Orders" => Import to import the orders from yahoo store.

  • To take part in the beta testing of automated orders importing from your Yahoo Store into Teapplix, you will need to setup access & permissions for our system.



To do that you need:

      1. In Store Manager, click the “Real-Time Links” link, located in the Order Settings column.
      2. Click the “API Settings” link.
      3. In the API Settings section, click the “Add New Partner” button.
      4. Enter the Teapplix Partner ID (ypa-002639423495) -, then click “Next“.
      5. Accept the Terms of Service.

As soon as you'll perform these steps Teapplix will get a confirming e-mail and will setup order import for you.