Yahoo Small Business

Linking Yahoo Store requires you to know 2 pieces of information, Yahoo Store ID, and a Token that is specific to Teapplix ActionShip. Your Yahoo Store ID is displayed on your Yahoo Store Manager. The Token is obtained on Yahoo Store Manager as described in the following link:

We repeat the instruction on Yahoo side below:

  1. In Store Manager, click the “Real-Time Links” link, located in the Order Settings column.
  2. Click the “API Settings” link.
  3. In the API Settings section, click the “Add New Partner” button.
  4. Enter the Teapplix Partner ID ypa-002639423495, then click “Next“.
  5. Accept the Terms of Service.

As soon as you'll perform these steps Teapplix will get a confirming e-mail and will setup order import for you.

Inventory Update

To enable real-time inventory feature:

  1. Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts
  2. Click +Add Marketplaces and select Yahoo Small Business
  3. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page
  4. Click +Add Yahoo Small Business Account
  5. Enter the Store ID, Token, and Your inventory callback URL is:
  6. Click Save

On the Add Yahoo Small Business Account page Click the word, "link" in Please check this link on how to enable real-time inventory features

The following link will also take you to Using the Real-Time inventory feature"

Yahoo will periodically send request to ActionShip Inventory Sync to obtain the inventory quantity value for each product you listed.