Adding Image

You can add images to your packing list.
On Settings => Packing List page, check the "image or xref3" checkbox.

Here is how you can add / modify the image urls on your products in Teapplix:

  1. Go to Inventory=>Products page
  2. Export the csv file for Products
  3. Enter the URL to the images under "Image Small" column for each product
  4. Import back - make sure to clear existing when importing back or it will not update existing with new information  - also, make sure you are importing everything back in or you will clear existing that is not in your csv

Go to Settings => Packing List, check the box for "image or xref"

You can also go to Inventory=>Products page and click on edit for individual products - a window will pop up where you can enter the image URL.
If the images are changed or updated, you will need to add the corrected URL to the products page using the CSV method as described above.