If you use ChannelAdvisor, you have 2 choices to have orders show up in Teapplix:

  1. Link the marketplaces managed by ChannelAdvisor directly with Teapplix. The advantage here is speed and reliability. Teapplix can import orders directly without waiting for ChannelAdvisor to import first. Also, Teapplix will be able to obtain more information like markeplace fees, etc.
  2. Link ChannelAdvisor to Teapplix, and turn off marketplace integration with Teapplix. The benefit of this approach is that Teapplix can mark your orders as shipped in ChannelAdvisor.

Note: We do not use the native ChannelAdvisor order number, but it is displayed on open orders in the first column.

ChannelAdvisor to Teapplix Integration

To setup ChannelAdvisor integration, go to Teapplix "Setup" tab and click on "ChannelAdvisor" link:

  1. Enter your ChannelAdvisor Profile ID. You can enter in multiple Profile IDs to the same Teapplix account.
  2. Once the Profile ID is in Teapplix, login to your ChannelAdvisor account, it will prompt you to authorize Teapplix's access to the ChannelAdvisor account. Grant access.
  3. Back in Teapplix ChannelAdvisor Setup page, select the Profile ID and click "Fetch Tokens". When the fetch is successful, the ChannelAdvisor account is linked to Teapplix. Orders will import within one hour.