Manage Listings

ActionShip InventoryAdvisor does not launch any listings. However, it can automatically manage the quantity information on the listings. If you sell items across multiple marketplaces, and one unit sells in one marketplace, ActionShip deduct quantity from all other supported marketplaces.

Please note that you need to first compelete the following tasks for listing quantity sync to work:

  1. Make sure all your products are in the Inventory => Product table.
  2. Make sure the in-stock quantity infomation for your products are under  Inventory => Quantity page.
  3. If you setup Custom Labels on your eBay listings, you need to make sure that the custom labels either directly correspond to a SKU in ActionShip, or are mapped to a SKU in ActionShip.
  4. If you use listing variations, each variation must have a SKU assigned on eBay. This SKU must either match a SKU, or be mapped to a SKU in ActionShip.
  5. If you do not want end the eBay listing when the quantity reaches 0, you must turn on OutOfStockControl to true for your eBay listing.

The Listing page shows your item listings on various marketplaces.

Actionship displays your profit loss on your listings. This information is calculated using the "cost" information entered on the Quantity page. Furthermore, ActionShip deducts postage and marketplace fees from your sales to obtain the profit & loss info.

This page is also where "Quantity Available" can be sync'ed back to your marketplace. To do that, select the listings that you want to sync, click the down arrow beside the blue "Action on 0 selected" button (0 will change to the number of items selected). Select "Sync quantity to marketplace" from the drop down list.

Note that inventory quantity sync to marketplace is an asynchronous process. Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon typically takes a few minutes to process them. Also note that ebay listings that have already ended can not be synced this way.

Listings Not Managed by ActionShip
The following type of listings are not updated by ActionShip.

  • eBay Auction Listings
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Listings
  • Any Listing that has no quantity information in ActionShip
  • Any Listing Variation without an assigned SKU in eBay.

Automatic Sync
ActionShip can turn on a script that will automatically perform sync quantity to marketplace on all listings from eBay & Amazon. Right now to turn this on you have to contact Teapplix Support.