Pinnacle Cart

Teapplix requires the following info to access your Pinnacle shopping cart:

  • Username
  • Password
  • API Token
  • Shopping cart store URL

To obtain this info, do the following in your Pinnacle Cart Installation:

  1. Login into Pinnacle Cart Administrator Area;
  2. Click "Cart settings" in Left Menu;
  3. Click "Global Cart settings" in appeared menu;
  4. Click "Shopping Cart Unified API" menu item (usually placed in the bottom of list);
  5. Select "Yes" for dropdown list called "Enable Cart API?"'
  6. Enter values to next fields: "Username", "Password";
  7. For field "Security token" we strongly recommend use random generated value which you can get by pressing "Generate" button.
  8. Click "Save changes"

Next you need to open "Setup" -> "Other" page in Teapplix, select Pinnacle and enter the values that you have gotten on the previous step here. Please, note that the Store URL is the full URL of your Pinnacle Cart Store Installation.