Print Shipping Labels

Teapplix ActionShip can directly generate labels via online integration with each shipping carriers, including:

  • USPS
  • FedEx (including SmartPost)
  • UPS (including SurePost and Mail Innovation)
  • DHL

And other than all the standard information, we also print the other order information  on the label  such as SKU + Quantity(SKU [x qty]),  Item Description, etc.

ActionShip can bulk generates shipping labels. The typical method, is that you select a list of open orders, assign weight and shipping method, or have them assigned automatically via remember weight rules, and click on the carrier specific buttons to generate shipping labels.

NOTE: Make sure to print packing slips first if you are NOT printing them with each label.  If you print the labels, the orders will move to order history and you won't be able to print packing lists for them unless you create an RMA or cancel the label in order to put the order back into Open Orders.

Typically, the shipping label will generate as PDF documents, either 8x11 or 4x6.  You will print the PDF document to your label printer.

We recommend that you shouldn’t print more than 200 orders at a time. This will allow you to have better response and also prevents major issues while printing which can be a problem with large batches.