Reprint & Cancel Labels

For PDF option, you can reprint or cancel labels directly in Teapplix

Reprint Entire Batch
If you want to reprint an entire batch, go to "Order History" => "Batch History", click on the "reprint" link to the batch. Note that old labels can not be used for shipping, even if you reprint them correctly. You must cancel them and re-generate the label.

Reprint Individual Label
To reprint an individual label generated via the PDF option, search for the order in order history, you will see the "reprint" link. click on it to obtain a reprint of the label. Please see the picture below.

Cancel Label
To cancel a label, refund the postage and move the order to open orders, search for shipped orders in Order History and click on the "cancel label" link.

For USPS, you can cancel a label within 27 days since it was generated.

For UPS/FedEx, you can only cancel a label within 2 days since it was generated.  Since UPS and FedEx does not charge any postage on the label until the package is shipped, there is no refund process when cancelling a label.  If you couldn't cancel the label but still want to ship the orders, you can use RMA to create a duplicated order. For UPS Return Labels there is special limitation:

Return Shipments can be voided until 2a.m. Eastern Time the following night.

Unmark as Shipped
If an order does not have Cancel Label option,  It means the label can not be cancelled directly from Teapplix.  However, if you want to reprint the label or move it out of the Order History page,  you can use the "Unmark as Shipped" action link to move the label to the Open Orders queue.