Products & SKU

Your marketplace items can optionally be mapped to Teapplix Product SKU.   Each Teapplix Product SKU uniquely identifies a product or a variant of a product.

Teapplix SKU can be created in a number of ways:

  • For users of our QuickBooks integration products, Teapplix Product SKU is the same as your QuickBooks  inventory item name.  We will import all your inventory and assembly items as products.
  • Using the “remember weight” on open orders will create a product automatically if its not present.
  • On the Inventory->Products page, you can use “Add One”  to add the products one by one.  For  each SKU, you can define UPC / EAN, location, and customs clearing information.
  • On the Inventory->Products page, you can also use “Import/Export”  to add the products in bulk. You need to do an Export first to get the file template , Then fill in the exported file with your products info and import it back the same page.