Cubic Pricing, SoftPack

Cubic pricing is a USPS program that allows packages up to certain weight limit to be billed as flat rate boxes by dimension. You can use your own box.

Teapplix supports cubic pricing for all USPS provider options: Teapplix USPS, Endicia and Simply select "Priority Mail" as shipping method and specify dimensions and weight:

  • Teapplix USPS - cubic pricing is automatically selected, if cheaper and you specify dimensions
  • Endicia - you will get the same automatic cubic pricing logic if your Endicia account enables it
  • Stamps - you will get the same automatic cubic pricing logic if your Stamps account enables it


Softpack is a form of cubic pricing that only have 2 dimensions. This is supported by Teapplix USPS and by Endicia / Stamps where enabled. Softpack is a manual select. You must select Priority Mail Softpack shipping method. This method is always present when you have USPS turned on. Softpack pricing is limited in dimensions 18x18, to be 1 or 2 inch thick:

  • In Teapplix USPS, if you select Priority Mail Softpack, if the dimension exceeds 18 x 18 x 2 or is missing, you will get error, otherwise you will get softpack pricing. (notice, softpack pricing may be lower or higher than normal priority mail, so this is not auto rate shopped, to add rate shop, you should use Teapplix Rate Shop methods instead)
  • In Endicia an, softpack is auto rate shopped. If the dimension fits (here limit is 18 x 18 x 1), and pricing is lower, you get softpack pricing, otherwise you get normal priority mail pricing.

Legacy Express1 Account, DaZzle

For people using our legacy Express1 account and using our DaZzle integration, cubic pricing is not automatic. Instead you must select a shipping method called "Priority Mail Cubic". If you do not see this shipping method, go to setup => USPS and click on the configure shipping methods link to turn it on.